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Madoff Gets 150 Years in the Pokey

Bloomberg News reports that “Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in federal prison for masterminding the largest Ponzi scheme in history, a penalty six times longer than those meted out to the chief executives of WorldCom Inc. and Enron Corp.”

And in the year 2159, people will still line up around the block to kick his sorry thieving geriatric butt. (Not reported by Bloomberg)


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Michael Jackson: Drugs Likely Cause of Death


TMZ says “it increasingly looks like Michael Jackson died from a drug overdose.”

Earlier TMZ reported that Jackson got a Demerol injection the morning he died. They also believe more than one drug may have been involved.

The LAPD is still conducting an active investigation

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Don’t Trust the MSM!

Bioimage Lynn G DolnickSeveral blogs we follow have been howling about sleazy behavior at the oh-so-high-brow New York Times Book Review. Lynn Dolnick, a member of the ruling Sulzberger family and a director of the Times corporate board, appears to be receiving more than her share of deference from the supposedly independent editors of the book review. They’ve gone into overdrive promoting a mediocre biography of an art forger by Lynn’s husband Edward Dolnick, even though everyone from The Chicago Tribune to the New Yorker says that another new book on the same subject–totally unmentioned by the Times’ book reviewers–is far better. Gawker, which is the real newspaper of record as far as we’re concerned, seems to have broken the story first, but it’s also gotten play in the NY Post, Galleycat, Litopia, etc. The story has even made it into 2nd Life, where a totally hot virtual-reality avatar named Lillie Yifu has read both books and weighed in against the Times nepo-tome. Personally, we’re always willing to take book recommendations from a slinky cartoon girl with a truly banging bod. (Check out hot Lillie, below.)


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Let the Vampire Wars Begin



Enough with all of these pointless debates about which is better: Aliens or Predators, ninjas or pirates, strippers or… well, nothing is better than strippers. It is finally time to get down to something far more meaningful: TRUE BLOOD or TWILIGHT.

Now, you’re probably asking yourself – do I really care? And the answer is definitely not. However, in the interest of seeing a bunch of teenage girls who live, breathe, and obsess over everything TWILIGHT, let’s run with it.

In an interview with Marie Claire, the star of TRUE BLOOD Stephen Moyer threw down the gauntlet on this pointless vampire comparison, and gave a pretty indication as to who he thinks is awesome and who is not when you put him up around Robert Pattinson.

“He’s a pussy! He’s the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires.”

Wow… them be fightin’ words. Of course after hearing this, TWILIGHT fans ran into their rooms crying hysterically about how someone could talk about Edward like that, before their parents told them to shut up and go to sleep, because they had school in the morning.

It looks like Team True Blood is joining the mix for supernatural supremacy, and who can blame them? They’re on HBO, and they show Anna Paquin naked just about every episode. In my book, that’s an automatic win over a boring series of movies with uninteresting characters and awful actors that follow a story where nothing ever happens.


You can go back to crying now, TWILIGHT fans.. oh, and overeating, too. Let’s not forget that important part of your day.

[Photo: Celebuzz]


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Gossip Girl Sex Tape Gets $1m Bid

Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester (AP Photo)

From the Times of India
A sex tape starring American drama TV series “Gossip Girl” actress Leighton Meester has sparked a bidding war on the Internet, touching the $1 million mark.. reports that Kevin Blatt, the dealer behind socialite heriess Paris Hilton’s sex tapes, has said he is surprised by the level of interest in the footage, as the bids for the Meester video have exceeded $1 million.

Blatt also revealed that the footage features a younger Meester performing a striptease for a boyfriend.

“It’s very playful, actually. It’s not shot in high definition and looks like it has been shot using a video camera while they are both fooling around,” said Blatt.

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